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Simple Tips to Be a Happy Mother

Being busy at home, working, and caring for children sometimes makes some mothers get stuck in routines, so they forget to make themselves happy and become stressed. C'mon, Mother, see tips for being a happy mother. A happy family starts with a happy mother. This expression could be true because the stress experienced by the mother can be "transmitted" to other family members. This is the reason why the mother's feelings can be reflected in the child's behavior. Plus, stressed parents will become insensitive and unresponsive to the child's needs. Become a Happy Mother Mother must have experienced stress in managing office and home work. The things below can be a guide for you to stay happy even though you are busy in two roles: 1. Not all people's suggestions must be made Equipping yourself with various information is indeed important. However, too much listening to people's opinions can actually make you not believe in your own choices and dec
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How to Increase Motivation for Yourself

Sometimes, we can lose our purpose and motivation in life, so we don't feel excited in carrying out our daily life. In order to get back on fire, here are some ways to find and build motivation in yourself. Sometimes we experience failure, disappointment, or boredom in life, which causes loss of motivation. Though motivation is very important to help us achieve goals, solve problems, face challenges, and take chances. Not only that, motivation is also needed to change bad habits. Rediscovering Motivation for Yourself Loss of motivation can have a negative impact on a person's quality of life, including causing various health problems and diseases, such as depression. Well, to prevent this, the following ways you can do to increase your own motivation. 1. Set and write goals Set goals or targets to be achieved in life specifically, clearly, objectively, and realistically. Then, write the goal in your appointment book, or on a piece of paper and stick it on the wall of yo

The Function of Fibrous Food for Little Kid's Digestion and Nutrition

If your child often experience constipation or constipation, maybe you should pay attention to the adequacy of the fibrous food that he consumes. Because, fiber in food is needed for your little one to maintain good digestive health. To support optimal growth and development, children need good nutrition. Ideally, food consumed by your child should contain carbohydrates, protein, fat, vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Fibrous food is needed, both by infants, children and adults, to prevent problems in the digestive system, obesity, and even heart disease. Functions of Fibrous Food for Children Fiber is divided into two types, namely water soluble fiber and water insoluble fiber. Water soluble fiber is a type of fiber that will turn into a gel-like substance when mixed with water. Whereas insoluble fiber cannot be digested by the intestine, thus making the stool solid. Fiber intake also helps launch bowel movements. This is the benefits of fibrous foods that make your child avoid con